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3 Ways BIM Improves Safety in Construction


At Hourigan safety is a top priority and a core value. Our project teams use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to evaluate the project approach and sequencing to identify potential safety risks during the construction process.  This allows our team to prepare subcontractors to perform the work safely and efficiently.  Here are 3 ways that BIM can improve safety in construction.

1. Visual representation of site conditions for workers
BIM provides workers with a solid visual understanding of a site and the working conditions before they even begin construction.  This is especially important for new workers to the site who are unaware of the site safety measures put in place.  By using BIM software, new workers can understand construction processes better and faster.

2. Identify potential hazards through 4D scheduling
Using 4D scheduling and sequencing with site logistics planning can easily help identify traffic considerations and potential hazards around the site before even breaking ground.  Using the 4D model to evaluate the erection sequence and major construction activities is an incredible asset that allows Hourigan to prepare a choreographed safety plan for workers—eliminating hazards early and providing a safer work environment in the field.

3. Prepare better for each task
Each task on a construction site has its own risks.  BIM has the ability to focus in on each individual task so workers can better identify the risks, prepare for the work at hand and, therefore, complete the task more efficiently and safely.

Hourigan is committed to safety and has been recognized for this dedication over the years.  Mark Hourigan, President, stated, “Safety is not a program; it’s a core value.” Some of Hourigan’s safety initiatives include yearly CPR training, 30-hour OSHA training and SSHO training and education for all employees.

By having a major focus on safety, it provides clients with peace of mind associated with worker safety.  BIM is a revolutionary tool in the built industry and helps provide a safer work environment for construction workers.


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