4 Challenges of Building a Sports Facility


While weather and site conditions may change, one thing that does not is opening day. Sports facility construction has challenges that require a game-changing approach by the construction manager.

1. The deadlines are strict

The start of a sports season can’t be moved, so the schedule and budget are critical to be sure there aren’t any setbacks. That means it’s important to have a contractor that has experience in building sports facilities and has a reputation of meeting deadlines on time and on budget.

2. Owners are more involved in the process

Owners of sports facilities tend to be very vested in the construction of their facilities. Not only are they passionate about the project, but they also have committees and larger communities behind them that are excited about the new facility. This adds some extra pressure on the Owner—making them more involved in the process to ensure the project is on time and successful.  A construction team needs to maintain effective communication to ensure the Owner is kept up to date.

3. Site conditions can be congested 

Most sports facilities are not built in a large open space. Most are located in the middle of a busy city or surrounded by other attractions. Other sports facilities require major renovations during off-season practices or media and site tours. This adds complexity to the project, as the construction team has to take multiple factors into consideration when determining the schedule, while making sure team operations aren’t disrupted.

4. Collaboration is essential

While some Owners are willing to give the responsibility and risk to the Construction Manager, Owners of sports facilities are very collaborative and involved in the project. This requires the architect, engineers and contractor to be extremely team oriented. Owners should specifically ask about how contractors collaborate when searching for a firm.

Because of these tasks, it is important to select a contractor that has experience in this market segment, and is willing to serve as a coach, team captain, and team player as needed.

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