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5 Essential Elements of a Construction Internship at Hourigan


At Hourigan, we offer a robust college internship program in a variety of fields to help future industry leaders pave the way to their own futures. Our program is designed to provide students with meaningful and challenging real-world work experiences to give them the skills, insights, and connections they need to advance their careers.

There’s more to an internship than on-the-job training, and a we strive to make sure that all of our internships are a success.  Students can count on the following elements as part of their Hourigan experience:

1. Clearly defined roles & responsibilities.
We approach our internships the same way that we approach our projects: By clearly defining goals, detailing a plan, and creating achievement milestones along the way. Our interns have the unique opportunity to share what their internship goals are prior to their start dates. This allows us to lay out their time with us: which project and team they’ll join, who will be their mentor, and which component(s) they will gain experience in (field, project management, preconstruction, etc).

Our interns sit down with a leader as soon as they arrive to answer questions and discuss their responsibilities and goals. They are encouraged to be open about their experience and what they’d like to learn more about. At the end of the day, we want to make sure our interns have an incredibly valuable experience.

2. Hands-on learning.
Hourigan interns don’t just learn by observing, they learn by doing. Because our interns truly function as part of the Hourigan team, they get hands-on opportunities to sharpen existing skills and learn new ones. Our interns become proficient with the tools, equipment, standards, and processes required to complete a project. And they learn skills like time management and prioritization, which are essential to success in a fast-paced construction environment.

3. Performance feedback.
At Hourigan, we endeavor to always do things smarter, faster, and better —but more importantly, efficiently and effectively. For our interns, we’re intentional about providing guidance and instruction as well as coaching each intern’s development along the way. Our interns value the constructive feedback and support that help them do things the Hourigan way – smarter, faster, and better.

4. A fun, exciting team environment.
At our core, we’re driven by teamwork. It’s fundamental to who we are. Hourigan interns work side-by-side with professionals who consistently execute at the highest level to deliver results. Because our team loves what they do — and because they’re doing what they love — our interns have discovered that work at Hourigan doesn’t have to feel like work. In addition to the day-to-day projects, we come together often for events like competitions and socials, and unite on projects with purpose by volunteering to make our communities better.

5. Exposure to new ideas & innovation.
Our interns get a front-row seat to the future of our industry. At Hourigan, our creativity ignites innovation, and our entrepreneurial spirit fuels a revolution of the status quo. We’re designing next-level solutions, evolving best practices, and doing things that have never been done before. If interns want experience on the leading edge of construction, Hourigan is the place to be.

To find out more about the internship program, visit the Careers page or contact us via email at careers@hourigan.group.

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