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6 Tips for Maintaining Company Culture During Growth


Companies with a well-defined and prevalent culture have advantages over those that do not. However, as companies begin to scale, it becomes difficult to maintain the central ideas that drove their success and growth in the first place.

At Hourigan, our culture is everything. We are unified by core values and a mission to develop lifelong, uniquely remarkable relationships and buildings. After several years of expansion, Hourigan is no stranger to the challenges of maintaining a strong company culture during times of growth. From this experience, we’ve developed six tips for keeping your company culture intact while you scale up.

Reinforce Your Mission and Values

Once you’ve identified what your company’s mission and core values are, it’s important that they stay top of mind. Teach these values during the hiring process and reinforce them during meetings, gatherings, and even visually on the walls of your office(s).

Hire for Fit

While you can teach someone the tricks of the trade, it can be difficult to teach them how to exemplify the values you hold close as a company. Using a team approach when hiring can ensure that candidates are not just qualified but will also work well with their peers.

Maintain Open Communication

Open communication between all levels of the company is crucial. This can manifest in several ways. Have managers check in with employees several times throughout the year regarding goals and performance. This improves and encourages honest and open communication and ensures that there is an opportunity to discuss any concerns. This gives employees a chance to have one-on-one time with management and to take stock of their work.

It is also beneficial to have informal lines of communication, such as Slack or Yammer channels or monthly newsletters, that allow staff to remain updated on company happenings and stay in touch with other employees.

Make Training Accessible

While important in every industry, accessible training in construction can be the difference between a happy, healthy employee and one who is not. With employees spread between offices and jobsites, it’s important to come up with creative solutions that allow everyone to participate in trainings. At Hourigan, we’ve created Hourigan University, an online database constantly updated with hundreds of training videos and modules.

Recognize Achievements

Recognizing achievements and contributions tells an employee that they are important and valued.  Companies will see greater employee satisfaction, and in return, foster better work environments this way. Companies can celebrate milestones and achievements with a simple company-wide email or go as far as hosting a lunch or happy hour.

Connect Outside of Work

Connecting with coworkers outside of the office is a great way to build comradery. Sports teams, social groups, and community service allow employees to get to know each other on a personal level and foster the collaboration, teamwork, and sense of community that makes a company thrive.

A strong culture is essential to any company’s longevity. Taking the right steps during periods of growth will ensure that your company’s culture stays intact in the long run.

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