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A Day in the Life of a Project Engineer


Hourigan’s Project Engineer Development Program provides a unique opportunity to recent graduates who are looking to begin a career in construction. I have had the chance to experience three potential career paths within our company before committing to one track. As a rotational program, the Project Engineer role develops a foundation in construction by exposing you to different sides of the industry—project management, field supervision, and preconstruction services.

A Project Engineer typically focuses on one project—either as part of the preconstruction, field, or project management teams. Due to the unique nature of this program, I was able to split time between both, the field and project management, all within the same jobsite. I reviewed submittals and RFIs (Requests for Information), managed document control, tracked potential change items for added scope or deducts, maintained subcontractor compliance, and ensured materials were ordered on time to meet the project schedule. I participated in and led portions of our weekly Subcontractor and Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) Meetings, as well as internal site reviews and financial reviews. I gained even more experience outside of my typical duties, including:

Recently, I have transitioned to our preconstruction services team. My day-to-day responsibilities include responding to RFPs (Requests for Proposals), reviewing project documents, performing quantity takeoffs, organizing subcontractor bids, analyzing those bids or proposals to develop the final budget to present to the client, and writing contracts during the buyout phase.

As a Project Engineer, I have not only participated in different phases of a project, I have had the opportunity to be a part of different types of projects.  As a leader in our industry, Hourigan has been awarded many unique projects throughout Virginia, which serve as great learning opportunities for “green” individuals. I was part of the project team on an innovative new construction mixed-use project that included a grocer, apartments, retail space, a culinary school, and a future restaurant. In preconstruction, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a healthcare facility, a tenant-improvement project, a commercial office building, and more.

What I enjoy most about working in construction is the people—you work with multiple disciplines who have an array of expertise and backgrounds. From architects and engineers to subcontractors, who are incredible technical resources, to clients with distinctive needs, to our own superintendents and project managers—there is so much to learn from everyone involved. I like the importance of creating relationships and maintaining those relationships throughout your career. In construction, each day is a little different and another opportunity to learn something new! This program has taught me how to navigate drawings, manage conflict, communicate with team members, take ownership of your responsibilities—I’ve gained confidence and skills (both technical and “soft”) that will benefit me throughout my career. I never know what challenges or “opportunities” will arise, but it is a fantastic learning experience—especially knowing you have the greatest resources here at Hourigan to guide and support you.

The Hourigan culture attracts a motivated, innovative group of leaders in our industry. I have been lucky enough to work alongside many team members who are passionate about construction management. The Project Engineer Development Program has encouraged and empowered me to take my career wherever I want it to go. I look forward to continued growth and development within this amazing company!

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