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Building a Framework for Career Development at Hourigan


Career development is an ongoing process, encompassing a variety of strategies such as training, coaching, mentoring, performance management, succession planning, and more. At Hourigan, we have developed a career development framework that guides the performance review process and empowers employees to take control of the next phase of their career. Let’s dive deeper into some pieces of that framework:

Career Paths

With input from individuals across the organization, we defined career paths. Each path highlights the positions in a specific job group. For example, our Superintendent path includes Assistant Superintendent – Superintendent – Senior Superintendent. Each career path defines the track for vertical and lateral growth, answering the question “What is possible at Hourigan?Our career paths also provide clarity around the technical and soft knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each position.

Performance Management

At Hourigan, performance is a continuous conversation. We encourage quarterly conversations between managers and employees to discuss performance, making the process more manageable. Each conversation should commit to constructive and timely feedback, which gives employees real-time coaching to aid their individual development.

Career Development Plans

In conjunction with quarterly and annual performance discussions, we have implemented career development plans. These focus on very specific career progression goals for our employees. Each career development plan outlines a few specific skills and the formal and informal trainings and experiences the employee needs to take the next step in their career.

Project Engineer Development Program

Geared towards entry-level graduates, this rotational program is designed to provide hands-on learning of the foundational components of the construction industry. It helps develop young professionals, arming them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they will need for their future career with Hourigan.

Why do we care about a career development framework? It provides a clear and concise outline for our employees’ growth. The framework ensures each employee knows the steps necessary for getting where they want to go in their career. Built on transparency, it aids our managers, empowers employees to take ownership of their growth, allows for consistent reflection, and provides opportunities to establish realistic, achievable goals.

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