Collaboration is Key to Project Success for Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center


June 30th is the deadline. And no one wants to be the reason it gets pushed back. Every team member involved with the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center has had this mindset from the beginning, and collaboration has been critical to the project’s success.

With the Redskins’ training camp starting in July, the fast-track project has been a challenge for all key players including the City of Richmond, Bon Secours, Washington Redskins, Timmons Group, 3North and Hourigan.

Teamwork began in the kickoff planning meeting

The Economic Development Authority of The City of Richmond (EDA) was chosen to lead the effort for the project. The day after the selection of the project team, everyone came together for a day of planning to kickoff the project. During this meeting, the team established schedules and key milestones that would be critical to completing the project on time.

Frequent team meetings have kept the project on schedule

As design began on the facility, frequent meetings with the team have been critical to staying on schedule with the project.  Often the project team has worked closely with Bon Secours for design details as questions arose in the process—making sure the facility’s goals were being met, while not losing critical time. Due to the communication and collaboration between the teams, concerns have been answered quickly and efficiently, and decisions have been made accordingly, allowing the project to remain on schedule.

Moving closer to the end zone

The Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center will be the home of Washington Redskins Training camp for a minimum of eight years. Due to the fast-track nature of the project, biweekly photos are being taken.  In our next post, we will share the key milestones that have been successfully completed so far, as the project moves closer to the end zone—the start of the Redskins’ 2013 training camp.

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