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Dream Realized: CBF Earns the Living Building Challenge Certification


This May, the Brock Environmental Center was awarded the coveted Living Building Challenge designation from the International Living Future Institute, the world’s most rigorous and ambitious performance standard for buildings. The designation was a humble recognition of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s realized dream: to create a facility that positively impacts its surroundings, creates its own energy and water requirements, and stands as a model for the future of sustainable construction and engineering.

Sustainable Construction
The Center is, indeed, a living building. Today, in addition to producing more power than it consumes and producing its own drinking water from rainwater, residents of Virginia Beach and surrounding communities are invited to enjoy the building and its grounds. It drew approximately 35,000 visitors last year—while staff anticipated about 1/7th of that.

Among the Brock Environmental Center’s components of sustainable construction and engineering to meet the Living Building Challenge’s seven petals are:

For those involved in the creation of the Brock Environmental Center, this was more than a construction project. The challenge of building the Center became a passion, forming a bond that transcended a working relationship among all of the individuals and companies involved.

To learn more about the Brock Environmental Center project, click here. For a list of CBF’s awards, click here.


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