Honoring Richmond’s History with Apple REIT Companies’ Office Expansion and Renovation


The story of Richmond as a modern city dates back to the early 17th century and includes such monumental events as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. As supporters of Richmond’s rich and unique history, we were thrilled to be a part of a historic expansion and renovation project for Apple REIT Companies corporate headquarters.

About Apple REIT Companies
Apple REIT Companies, a real estate investment trust, is headquartered in a pair of adjoining Italian Renaissance-style circa 1893 buildings in downtown Richmond. The company wanted to construct a new 5,800 square foot, 3-story addition to its corporate headquarters. The expansion added new elements in a compatible style that honors its architectural legacy, without replicating the design of the existing headquarters.

The Renovation Challenges
The project started in February 2012 and required the demolition of an existing building in downtown Richmond, followed by the construction of a new structure. Some challenges included:


Daylighting and Interior Design
The narrow, deep site made it challenging to create views and interior daylighting. To capture the view of Main Street, unique 10-foot windows were constructed on the façade. Further, an elevated clerestory light monitor in the ceiling of the top floor was included to bring natural light and additional height to the executive lounge.

The interior was designed as a thoughtful blend of historic architectural features within a highly functioning executive work environment. The hardwood floors on the first floor were milled from wooden framing members salvaged from Nathan’s clothing store, while the wood flooring on the top two floors was milled from other sources of reclaimed wood.

Hear what Craig Amos, EVP Capital Investments, had to say about the project, challenges and overall construction of the expansion and renovation. View the video.

Completed in June 2012, the focus of this project was to preserve the distinct qualities of the renovated buildings and to incorporate new elements into the new design without jeopardizing the integrity of the space.

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