Norfolk Naval Station E2/C2 Aircrew Training Facility Recieves LEED Silver Certification


Among the many projects completed for different military establishments is the E2/C2 Hawkeye Training Facility, which received LEED Silver certification. Located at Norfolk Naval Station, the Hawkeye Training Facility is a design-build, two-story training building that houses two high-bay trainers, as well as classrooms, offices, and administrative areas.

One unique feature of the project involved the incorporation of more than 15,000 square-feet of raised computer flooring and ten computer room air handling units to provide under-floor cooling of the space and offset the heat load produced by the training equipment.

The facility’s LEED Silver certification is supported by:

Hourigan recently handled the renovation of a two-story, 20,411-square-foot addition to the training facility, which is also received LEED Silver certification. The renovations included changes to the existing high-bay area to accommodate the installation of a high-bay trainer and associated computer support spaces on the first floor. It transitioned two existing rooms on the second floor, an instructor’s administrative area and lounge into two training classrooms.

To provide cooling at the lowest possible cost, a fan coil based system was installed for maximum efficiency. Instantaneous boilers were used to eliminate losses due to no HW storage tanks being required. Lastly, insulated thermal panels and minimal windows were installed for lower heating, ventilation and air conditioning losses.

We’re proud to support the training of the men and women of Norfolk Naval Station with this new facility.

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