Setting the stage for Worlds


When we were approached a few years ago by Richmond 2015 to be their “official construction partner,” the answer was a no-brainer. The Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships (or simply, “Worlds”) is cycling’s pinnacle event, covered by more than 500 media outlets from around the world and followed by more than 300 million people. In Richmond alone, we’re expecting 450,000 spectators over the course of the nine-day event.

Yet what, exactly, does an “official construction partner” do? As it turns out, a lot. Any type of event needs “stuff” built, and given the size of Worlds, Richmond 2015 needs to build a lot of stuff. Thankfully, we can help.

“When I heard Hourigan was a partner for the race, being a cycling fan, I asked Mark [Hourigan] what I could do to help, and he said, ‘I think you just volunteered to lead everything for us,'” recalls J. Todd Bagwell, Hourigan’s director of preconstruction services who is, yes, now overseeing Richmond 2015 construction.

As part of our partnership, Hourigan is managing buildout of the VIP Hospitality area on Broad Street in downtown Richmond. Spanning two city blocks, the VIP area is 528-feet-long, or about one-third the height of the Empire State Building. It’ll be ready well in advance of the first race on September 19.

uci road world championships VIP tent


uci road world championships VIP tent

The other piece we’re building are the time trial start ramps, out at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

Lastly, many Hourigan employees are also volunteering their time in various positions throughout the duration of the race.

Most importantly, there are nine days of excitement ahead for everyone involved. We appreciate the opportunity to contribute and look forward to welcoming the World to Richmond!

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