Top 4 Benefits of Bluebeam ® Revu ® Software


At Hourigan, technology is at the center of every project.  With a constant focus on how to make jobs faster, more efficient and less costly, the Hourigan team is always seeking ways to utilize technology (both old and new) to its fullest. Bluebeam® is a perfect example of software that has been around for a few years, but the way in which it is being utilized at our firm is truly built on design & construction best practices. We’re seeing some of these great benefits from our approach with Bluebeam:

1. Increased Value for Clients

Bluebeam provides increased value to design teams and consultants during schematic design and design development. This includes helping to reduce design conflicts and finding potential trouble areas before construction starts. Tools such as Bluebeam provide a familiar, but improved form of communication between project partners. Ultimately, clients gain benefits through a collaborative team approach, resulting in fewer RFIs and change orders, which ultimately save time and money.

2. Efficient Planning and Sequencing

Planning that used to take hours of review with subcontractors gathered around the table with pens and highlighters can now be streamlined for sequencing and system coordination. For example, the software tools allow the team to review contract documents in conjunction with the 3D model for easy comparison and better understanding of systems.  Using color coding and other identification methods can assist in project planning for Superintendents and Project Managers. In addition, the overlay feature helps compare old and new documents for potential changes, and has the ability to alter scales on the fly to help facilitate sequencing between systems without having to do complicated drawing manipulations between software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla & Civil 3D.

3. Easier Collaboration for Team Members

Another benefit important to the team Bluebeam provides is a collaborative environment for architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors, to more efficiently review documents. In a Bluebeam session, documents can be posted for the entire team to access simultaneously in a collaborative environment. This tool allows our team to complete design reviews in days, compared to a normal series of events that may have taken weeks.  Bluebeam is also used during the punchlist process to more effectively communicate with subcontractors and design team members. These streamlined processes simplify the paper trail, tracks changes & comments, and ultimately results in time savings for the project schedule.

4. Document Interactivity

The great applications for post-construction turnover make Bluebeam really stand apart from other documentation and information systems. Simply put, Bluebeam’s hyperlink functions are simple, intuitive, & impactful. Through a simple digital dashboard, an interface can be created that allows clients an opportunity to quickly access project documents in an organized fashion. Dashboards are similar to a custom-built web page that acts as a portal to your project.

While technology is a great asset to every project, providing intuitive tools for simple integration is key for operational use. Hourigan remains committed to mastering ways to find efficiencies and enhance project delivery from start to finish.

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