The Renovation of VCU’s Siegel Center


Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) continues to make improvements with its new programs, new construction and recent Final Four run in the 2011 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. Because of this, VCU has catapulted to the national stage and construction upgrades were necessary to keep up with the building energy around its athletics.One of the recent construction projects at VCU was the renovation of the Stuart C. Siegel Center. The goal of the renovation was to enhance the athletic program’s brand identity locally and nationally. The project required an aggressive demolition and construction schedule in order to make sure the renovation was completed before the first game of the 2011-2012 season.

Tommy J. West Founders Club Renovation
In February 2011, the VCU board of visitors approved a $3.5 million upgrade to the Siegel Center. The expansion included the addition of two private suites with Class A interior finishes and new furnishing that added up to 55,398 square feet of renovated space. Structural enhancements were necessary to support the new tier for corporate boxes with 120 seats and to be accessible from the club level.

Other features that were installed include:

  • New lightings systems with dimming controls
  • The latest in sound sytem design
  • Video walls with high-definition monitors
  • Bar and food service areas
  • Seated and standing bar areas
  • New display cases to showcase Final Four memorabilia

Lower Level Modifications
The lower level required changes as well, in addition to the club level expansion. Structural modifications helped support the 168 additional donor seats accessible from the Founders Club and private suites on the upper floor. The seating was tiered to be sure views were entirely unobstructed.


Tiered seating provides an unobstructed view of the court.There were approximately 6,600 square feet of interior finish enhancements including office space for the athletic director and athletic staff. HD video technology and Class A interior finishes were added to assist in athlete recruitment. The lower level player, coaches and referee entry corridors were also enhanced during the renovations.The renovations that helped revitalize the Rams’ sports complex and support the growing demand for VCU basketball tickets, especially after their Final Four success in 2011. Even with the strict schedule of being finished before the season began, Hourigan was able to deliver quality work under pressure.

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