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Interns Escape!

08.17.16 | Category: News

Before leaving for the summer, the Hourigan interns were gathered for one last adventure – Escape Room RVA. They were in the Super Villain Room, and the escape rate was 37%. They had 1 hour to complete various riddles, clues and lock codes to escape. We always knew our interns were skilled, but they managed to escape the room with 12 minutes to spare – blowing our minds once again with their intellect and prowess. Of course after the challenge, everyone was hungry so they went out for a victory lunch! We wish our interns all the best in their future endeavors, and know that they will perform just as well in their careers as they did in Escape Room RVA!

1-escape 2-escape 3-escape escape-room-7 escape-room-8


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