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Team attends DC on the Half Shell

03.17.17 | Category: Events

Tyler Park (Project Manager), Katie Cuellar (Asst. Project Manager) and Sydney Covey (Sustainability Analyst) attended DC on the Half Shell, which celebrated the Chesapeake Bay, CBF’s 50th Anniversary and honored Marriott International for their leadership in sustainability and conservation.

DC-on-Shell_0000_IMG_2830 DC-on-Shell_0001_IMG_2829 DC-on-Shell_0002_IMG_2826 DC-on-Shell_0003_IMG_2824 DC-on-Shell_0004_group 2 DC-on-Shell_0005_Chesapeake Bay Foundation at Dock 5 2017 0020 1333 DC-on-Shell_0006_Chesapeake Bay Foundation at Dock 5 2017 0019 1331 DC-on-Shell_0007_Chesapeake Bay Foundation at Dock 5 2017 0018 1328 DC-on-Shell_0008_16806649_1350186485002429_1741749097739768660_n


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