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Dominion Energy Clearinghouse

New 4-story facility consists of a 110,000 SF precast parking deck on the first two floors. The 3rd and 4th floors are comprised of a steel-framed, open span trading floor with mezzanine. Construction of the Dominion Energy Clearing House took place at and adjacent to the single point of access into Dominion’s corporate campus. This arrangement required that construction activities and Dominion’s pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows commingle for a period of 14 months. We found that the two most important components to the safe and successful integration of people flow and construction activities were; 1) frequent, simple and clear communications and 2) the positioning of dedicated flagmen to guide pedestrians, vehicles and construction activities on a constant basis.

Data Center photos are confidential. 

  • Markets:

    Mission Critical/Advanced Technology, Office
  • Partners:

    Dominion Energy, Baskervill
  • SQFT:

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