Chris, Scheduler

Hourigan Team Member Since 1995


Chris joined Hourigan as a superintendent 25 years ago when the company was only 15 people strong. Since then, Chris was promoted to senior superintendent, before transitioning into his current position as a scheduler.

Over the past 25 years, one of the most remarkable changes Chris has witnessed is the advances in technology on jobsites. He can remember a time when his requests for a computer were met with skepticism. Chris eventually got his computer, and now works with the industry’s most cutting-edge technology.

Chris also loves the opportunity to mentor those new to the workforce. One of his favorite things is watching others apply his knowledge with their own fresh take, which he compares to teaching a child to ride a bike. It is no surprise that Chris’ own son followed in his footsteps and joined Hourigan several years ago.

The pride Chris feels when he contributes to a building feeds his heart and soul—two things he says the industry requires. He remembers being fascinated by construction tools and machines as a child, and according to him, “Some things you just never grow out of.”