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About Hourigan

Empowering Aspirations. Enhancing Relationships.

We’re always asking ourselves what’s possible in a world that is ever-changing. Our team is inspired to challenge the status quo and to envision new possibilities that provide better solutions and outcomes for our clients. Passionately shaping tomorrow, today, is what unites us to lead forward, creating a more sustainable future for our communities and our world.

At our core, we’re driven by teamwork – it’s fundamental to who we are. Whether in the office or on the job site, our team is intentional about advancing together towards a common goal. Through collaboration with our clients and partners, we transform visions into realities where companies and communities win.

We understand that every great endeavor begins with a solid foundation, and for us, that means enduring relationships. Before embarking on any project, we establish a solid partnership with our client based on collaboration, trust, and respect.

Always advocating for your company’s best interest, we invest our integrated experience in construction and development to deliver unique perspectives coupled with a laser focus on optimal results.

At Hourigan, consistent execution at the highest level is the only acceptable standard, it’s how we will advance our world.

“The core of what we do is about construction and development. The impact of what we do is about people.”
— Mark Hourigan, CEO

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We are honored to be recognized with awards for our dedication to safety, quality and sustainability.

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Strengthening our communities

We share a common understanding that we are developing more than property and constructing more than buildings — we’re building communities. Giving back to the places in which we live, work, and play is fundamental to our culture. We share our time, energy, and expertise as ambassadors of our industry and advocates for our neighbors. We support critical causes like hunger and homelessness. We educate the next generation of initiators and innovators at local colleges. We collaborate with community leaders on local boards and committees. And we advance the health and longevity of our environment and our neighborhoods to ensure they continue to thrive for generations.

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