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01.09.23 | News


Serving the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, Hourigan is a fully integrated construction and development company with offices in Central Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Western Virginia. The firm has become the go-to partner of choice for managing complex projects and delivering them to a high standard.

Hourigan places a special emphasis on continual investment in its people, tools, and technology – everything that is required to spearhead smart and innovative projects. Indeed, thanks to this ethos surrounding sustained progress, the company has established strong commercial partnerships and has been recognized as a trusted advisor by leading developers and investors in the region.

With a focus on its core values of serving with integrity and leading forward, Hourigan has built an impressive portfolio over the years. Chief Administrative Officer, Bryan Jones, offers us insight into the company’s diverse operations. “Over the years there are many projects that stand out, but we remain most proud of the relationships we have built and continue to cultivate,” he asserts. “In terms of services, we focus on ‘moving to the owner’s side of the table,’ and being an advocate and resource for their project goals.

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