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Greer Environmental Sciences Center

Making a sustainable difference

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Greer Environmental Sciences Center


Meet the one-of-a-kind Greer Environmental Sciences Center at Virginia Wesleyan University, named as a tribute to former university President, Billy Greer. This highly advanced facility serves as a cornerstone to the environmental sciences program and incorporates many environmentally-friendly features within its construction. The 40,000 square-foot sustainable structure features a geothermal ground-source heat exchange, which transfers heat both to and from the earth itself for heating and cooling. Photo-voltaic panels are integrated into the building to provide solar power, and a small-scale wind turbine harnesses the kinetic energy of the wind. The LEED Gold Certified Greer Environmental Sciences Center demonstrates how natural energy can be used practically and efficiently, making a measurable difference in our natural world.

Project Partners

  • VMDO Architects designed The Greer Environmental Sciences Center as a testament to both the environment and education. This unique project is the embodiment of the core values of VMDO: Innovation & Creativity, Collaboration & Understanding, Design Excellence & Meaning, and Sharing Success. The staff of 65 highly talented individuals is committed to providing personalized service, from start to finish. And The Greer Environmental Sciences Center is no exception.
  • Virginia Wesleyan University is a four-year liberal arts university located near Norfolk, Virginia. The Greer Environmental Services Center will be the perfect addition to the college’s beautiful, 300-acre campus. Since 1961 Virginia Wesleyan University has provided experiential learning opportunities for its students, empowering them to grow as principled scholars and community leaders. This new project will provide even more opportunities for the school to pursue its vision.

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