Gary, Superintendent

Hourigan team member since 2015

Professional and personal development

When Gary joined Hourigan as an Assistant Superintendent in 2015, he was motivated by the company’s focus on building impactful careers and he could see there were many opportunities for personal and professional growth. He immediately set out to earn his place on the team, and a year and a half later he was promoted to Superintendent, in recognition of his hard-work and dedication to project excellence.

In addition to developing professionally, Gary has also grown closer to the family-like culture that exists. From company events to lunches with senior leadership, he’s more than just a number. His teammates have become part of his family, and he knows it’s a place that will “bend over backwards if you need anything.” These feelings of family, self-worth and the ability to prove himself are what keeps Gary excited to build his career at Hourigan – in a place that aligns with his own personal mission: to deliver the best that you can be every day.