Marquita, Safety Technician I

OSHA certified professional Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety & Health Hourigan team member since 2006

Opportunities for Career Advancement and Education

When Marquita started as a laborer at Hourigan in 2006, she hadn’t planned on making a career in construction. In fact, her job involved operating a buckhoist up to 10 floors—and she was afraid of heights! However, her determination to succeed helped her to quickly overcome this fear.

More than a decade later, Marquita says it’s Hourigan’s family culture and opportunities for advancement that have kept her in construction. While working full-time and raising a family, Marquita has been able to take advantage of Hourigan’s tuition reimbursement program to pursue her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. She takes pride in taking her children around to show them completed sites she worked on so “they know their mom was a part of that building.”