10 Things to Expect from a Construction Internship at Hourigan


At Hourigan, we are committed to building the next generation of leaders in our industry. A key element of that commitment is our internship program, which provides meaningful and challenging real-life work experiences for college students in a variety of fields, from safety to project management and more. Interns should expect to enhance their classroom learning with on-the-job training, but a Hourigan internship takes learning a step further.

To help provide insight into the internship experience, several prior interns have contributed their thoughts and memories to create this list.

1. Perspective

Our interns are given the opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced professionals who each have a unique perspective to share. Their internship gives them a chance to get inside knowledge on the construction industry, the various roles within the company, and even details about how other individuals’ careers have progressed.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is what drives our success at Hourigan, and interns are expected to work alongside other employees to accomplish company goals. Prior interns have stated that they were treated and trusted like “real employees” with “real jobs,” and said they felt important, appreciated, and respected.

3. Support

Interns thrive in the open, collaborative culture at Hourigan. They find our team friendly and approachable, quick to offer words of encouragement and always willing to answer questions. Interns receive guidance and constructive feedback from other members of our team who coach them not only on how to accomplish tasks, but how to do them more efficiently and thoroughly.

4. Connections

Regardless of position, networking is critical to career and business development. Hourigan interns successfully build quality relationships with industry professionals, who they can later approach for advice about anything from resumés to industry publications. When in need of a reference or letter of recommendation, interns have an at-the-ready advocate to call on. Beyond professional connections, prior interns have also said that they made close friends along the way.

5. Flexibility

Being flexible is a valuable life skill that’s essential in a fast-paced construction environment. Our interns receive first-hand experience in time management and prioritization as they adapt and adjust to changing needs on a variety of projects.

6. The Experience of Work

Beyond on-the-job experience in their field of interest, our interns also benefit from the experience of work. They learn how to navigate the working world, like being part of a team, managing processes, and interacting with different types of people in different types of roles — skills that can’t be taught in the classroom.

7. Fun

At Hourigan, interns learn that work can be fun! It’s important to the company to show that work can be satisfying when an employee feels challenged, their success is supported, they work with terrific people, and they are making a contribution while doing something they enjoy.

8. Inspiration

Being around Hourigan’s team of professionals, who are dedicated to performing at the highest level, motivates our interns to match that intensity and effort with their own.

9. Skills

During the internship experiences, participants sharpened existing skills and added a few new ones as well. Interns have expressed that hands-on, real-world, on-the-job training from experienced professionals is what they came to Hourigan for — and we delivered.

10. Clarity

An internship is a test drive of a future career. We’ve been told that our interns’ experiences fueled their aspirations and reaffirmed their interests in pursuing a construction career. The Hourigan experience also informs future decisions, like work environment, because interns realize that workplace culture is fundamental to making work meaningful and enjoyable.

Many thanks to those interns that contributed their thoughts for this post. We’re proud of Hourigan’s internship program, and consider it a privilege to support tomorrow’s construction leaders as they take their first steps in building their own futures — and the future of the construction industry.

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