Back to School with Hourigan


Hourigan fosters a culture of professional and personal growth. From online training opportunities and industry conferences, to lunch-and-learns and mentorship, every employee has the chance to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge. Hourigan even offers to help provide assistance to employees that have decided to go back to school in order to improve skills and promote growth professionally. By using this benefit, known as the Education Assistance Program, employees can access assistance for college courses, vocational school courses, and professional certification programs.

Marquita and Inga are two of the many employees who have utilized this beneficial tool. Find out more about how the Education Assistance Program has affected them, both professionally and personally:

What made you decide to utilize the Education Assistance Program?

How has the Education Assistance Program affected you?

What does having access to a benefit like Education Assistance mean to you?

Final Thoughts

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